Friday, October 9, 2009

Pitts, Rochester, Friends

After leaving Leah's (sad), I stopped by to visit my Grammy in Pittsburgh. It was a really short trip but nice to see a few relatives that I haven't seen in years! Then it was off to my next school stop. I was in need indeed of some school time.

Rochester was the only stop on my schedule route where I didn't know anyone. My hotel was luckily within walking distance from Eastman. I saw four faculty members there through my trip. Interestingly I got four different opinions about my vocal future. Of course that is to be expected but never have I seen such hugely differing opinions in technical approach and general style one right after another. Honestly, it was a little jarring and shook my foundation about what my basic goals were with this quest(?)

I took the evening to do some soul searching and suddenly had the realization that so much more of my vocal and performing future is dependent on me. I know that sounds so obvious and juvenile to have to "realize" but I never had the opportunity to do so before.

In many ways I was under the impression that the voice will naturally reveal itself with time and healthy singing and that it would lead you in one way or another on it's own. Even as I type that it seems so strange. It is strange to imagine one's voice as some sort of separate and mysterious entity over which you have no direct control because (and I only became personally aware of this yesterday) it is simple not true. I'm not trying to be extreme or anything, I mean if you just don't have the notes there are certain fachs you will never inhabit, but there is a lot more room in there to play.

Example: in two separate appointments I had with teachers back to back at Eastman they had two technical approaches and brought out two completely different voices from my body. The first was broad and open and full and had lyric lyric lyric written all over it. The second was spinning and sparkling and delicate and had coloratura right in the sound. This was in the course of two hours. Basically to feel like I had more options then I had originally thought sent me into a mini-existential crisis. I already was feeling overwhelmed with choosing what to do next with my life let alone perhaps choosing a completely different vocal path.

I'm not finished chewing on my options but I am leaning in a particular direction (revealed at a later date). In related news Rochester is a lovely town. Who wouldn't be inspired at a school like Eastman:
I can't write about this anymore... later.

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