Tuesday, June 22, 2010

8 down, 22 to go

So I have this idea that I want to lose 30 lbs (from my heaviest, which might be more than you'd think). If I don't actually get to 30 lbs that's cool the whole point of having the big number goal is that it will keep me motivated. The real point is I have lost about 8 lbs since May 16 and I am so excited about it. It's one of those things I feel like if I don't tell everyone I know I might let myself become not so accountable about it and then I'm back to lying on the couch eating bags of salty chips (OK, I didn't do that very often before, just making a point).

I am the kind of person that needs to know someone else did it a certain way. I am not very good with just coming up with my own plans when it comes to food. I can pick out healthy stuff and I love to eat it but I didn't seem to be able to translate healthy eating into a slimmer waist. In this case I was watching The Today Show, probably while changing a diaper on a job, and they were talking with the author of The Flat Belly Diet. For some reason I was just hooked. I thought, "that's what I am going to do." And I did, and it totally delivered, so I give it a recommend.I won't wax poetic on the book but I will say I liked it and it definitely helped jump start me in the right direction and since the weight loss and slimming was so quick it was really really helpful in keeping me motivated.

Since then I have been exploring various other light cooking methods/books/systems/etc. Just recently I found out about the Hungry Girl line of cookbooks, yada, yada. My offer to make some Hungry Girl recipes has my fiance Kasey beside himself. He has also just jumped on the get-smaller-clothes bandwagon and was pleased at the prospect of healthy low-cal fries, onion rings, and other yummies.

Other current obsession: Ashtanga Yoga!
Starting a regular yoga practice has made working out so much easier. I used to LOATHE the elliptical because my knees and back would be in so much pain. Since I have been working with connecting with my body and focusing on supporting my body with muscles I have relieved a lot of the tension. YOGA BONUS: more strength, flexibility, and peace! :)