Friday, October 23, 2009

I was in the Sondheim Review!

A couple months ago I worked for Light Opera Oklahoma and was Anne in their production of A Little Night Music. It was great fun. A few days a go a colleague of mine sent a copy of the review of the production to the cast. The article appeared in the Winter 2009 quarterly The Sondheim Review (a publication dedicated exclusively to the works of Stephen Sondheim) and was lovely. This was my section:
Anne Egerman... received outstanding performances from Jessica Salley... Salley was a luminous Anne, portraying the self absorption and thoughtlessness of youth without obscuring its undeniable charms. Salley also boasted a pure soprano and admirably clear diction even in the highest reaches of "Soon." -Christopher Weimer
Isn't that nice?!

The Sondheim Review is only not accessible on the internet but you can buy this issue here.


  1. Shut it! You're like... really famous now.

  2. That is wonderful Jessie. I will have to immediately brag on you to everyone I know.

  3. That is SO awesome! But, like, DUH, of course you were awesome and your diction was perfect. You're Jessie ;)

    Love you!