Friday, October 2, 2009

En route to kentucky

My second day in Tenneessee was at least as interesting as the first. Got in a coaching and a lesson after sleeping in a bed! I am right now listening to a music rehearsal UT opera. They are producing The Crucible. It's kind of pandemonium in here. Definitely relaxed to say the least. It is a far cry from the task mastering I have experienced. The good thing is that the students are so talented work is still getting done.

The aforementioned lesson went REALLY well. The teacher heard my issues and seemed so interested in helping work the things out that I need to get worked out. I am now a lot more interested in the school in general. This teacher also helped me realize why it has felt like i have a family of slime eels living in my throat since I got here. Apparently, like so much of this country, the pollen is bad. Note to self: always take allergy meds!

On the bad side I of course feel so completely confused about what kinds of things I should sing! *FRUSTRATION* I have decided that I simply have no choice at this time in the season I will own my choices and polish them to the highest degree I can.

I feel like I have been making a major life discovery every day recently. Going on these trips is sooooooo good for me. Taking myself out of my comfort zone has put into SHARP focus the problems I have in all areas: technique, work ethic, practice style, learning. As long as I glean as many new habits, tricks, tools, whatever this whole situation will be so worth all the trouble and time.


  1. It was so wonderful having you here! I hope you got a good feel for UT and it sounds like it was worth the visit, come back anytime... hopefully in January-ish for an audition!! :)

  2. Hi...good to hear your road trip is sights and sounds are always inspiring! thanks for writing!! loves ya!

  3. As always, I am super proud of you. I love you. Hurry back home, though. I miss you