Monday, December 14, 2009

Life, always getting in the way of my plans!

So Saturday when I was supposed to be making my nourishing soup I was so sick and tired I slept the entire day after getting home from work (*ugh!*). I had made my stock the night before and popped it in the fridge intending to finish the next day and I didn't get around to it until now.

Ok, the stock is AWESOME! It actually tastes like chicken broth (as it should) and has totally validated my renegade cooking style. When it comes to food I lean to the fearless side. Generally I manipulate recipes or forgo them all together. When I taste something I like that I want to make (as long as it isn't a cake, but I'm getting there with baked goods as well) I say to myself, "I'm sure I could figure it out." Honestly, sometimes it works, sometimes not so much, but this time I OWNED that chicken stock.

I think next time I'm going to try the tips and tricks described in Mother Linda's Chicken Stock 101. I also cannot wait to try cooking beef and fish stock now being all inspired about broth.

I made the broth into a chicken soup with my chicken pieces I had retained and rice stick noodles. Sort of a faux phở in honor of Kasey's favorite soup.

**CONFESSION** we've been cheating on the food plan. It is working and would've completely worked if I had been able to convince my better half to have lentil soup for lunch four days straight. I as well grew weary. My note for next week is to include more variety in the meals to keep us to the plan. I will say we haven't strayed often and we've gone out way less than we normally do. I'll be making a plan for next week tomorrow.

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