Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rehearsals: la premère semaine

The week of music rehearsals for the opera (Dialogues of the Carmelites) is almost over. I am tres psyched about my progress on this score. I need to do a better job in the future of remembering what it is possible to accomplish. Only a few weeks ago I opened my score for the first time and became utterly terrified. Today, I sang my whole role memorized, well, more or less.

My roommates have a friend in from out of town this weekend which is wholly fantastic because it gives me a lot of reasons to socialize and not work on my library homework (I'm not look forward to it, surprise!) Mostly, I like meeting new musicians. I'm just expanding my network, right? And if being a devoted fan of Mad Men has taught me anything it's that one can easily mix business and pleasure. In fact, sometimes it is absolutely necessary.

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  1. Music is a duality of the social and the alone. You must have as much of one as the other... so you are doing the right thing in socializing...

    does that help? HA!