Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stuffed French Toast: the experiment

Ah, Sunday mornings. I have several years of memories of getting up before the dawn to go to work at church (a gig I really loved, by the way) but now with my bohemian lifestyle in full swing Sundays pretty much seem like every other day. Kasey does have to get up early to go to worship and praise the Lord with song (but he almost always has to get up before me anyway). Today we got up early together to make french toast!

It all started on Wednesday while I was listening to Splendid Table on NPR. Lynne described to a listener ways to make monte cristos (a fried sandwich I had never had) and it sounded so delicious I had to give it a go. Long story short the process of making the (very successful) sandwiches made me think that it would be good for stuffed french toast. I bought the old fashioned white bread from Big Sky Bread Co. and ricotta cheese. I also happened to have some frozen strawberries (thawed out last night), sugar, and a touch of vanilla.

I mixed up the filling so it was just sweet enough and creamy (cup of strawberry slices, third cup sugar, half cup ricotta, splash vanilla extract) and it looked like this:

Weird looking yes, but it tasted good. We built sandwiches with the filling then dipped them in egg batter. This is the before (see some of the pink filling dripping out!)

Kasey was in charge of the actual frying. French toast is a specialty of his. They turned out pretty good; as far as experimenting goes I would call it a success. Now we have a place to start from if ever we want to try it again. It was an interesting technique. It kind of makes me curious what else I put into a batter-fried sandwich. The end result.

We had ours with a little bit of syrup but the filling was pretty sweet and the egg made it really moist as well. So now I have the rest of Sunday to nap off my breakfast.

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  1. This may be my "old lady memory" playing tricks on me, but I'm pretty sure some of Kasey's friends told me that he is the one that taught them how to make French toast. We used to make it all the time back when I made industrial sized breakfasts for 5 (or more when they had overnight guests).

    You certainly inspire. Makes me want to get in the kitchen and get creative.