Friday, September 18, 2009

Houston trip part 2

First, and unrelated, my right shift key isn't working suddenly and it is making me cranky because I highly favor it over the left (not for political reasons, of course).

Ugh! Now that I woke up super early yesterday I woke of my own accord at 6 am this morning. This was after having stayed up until 11:30 last night, so I really should have slept like a baby until my alarm went off. I still stayed in be until 7:45 trying my best to nap. I got up and got a quickie shower, dressed and checked out of my fabulous hotel:

Candlewood Suites: Extended Stay Accommodations

True, one evening does not typically constitute and "extended stay" but it's what orbitz suggested and who am I to dispute? The cool thing is that because of it's intended clientele the Candle wood comes equipped with a kitchenette. This amenity inspired my culinary exploits the night before (see extensive blogging below about making a sandwich).

The primary item on my agenda was to catch up with a member of the voice faculty I hadn't gotten a chance to meet yet from UH Moores School of Music (having done the majority of visiting yesterday). We met and keeping with my experiences at UH it was a lovely meeting. I was quite impressed how on the mark the advice was and how it seemed to fit right in with what I am looking to accomplish.

It seemed Rice University Shepherd School had a lot to live up to after UH. I got very confused driving around the rice campus, which like UH is ENORMOUS! The again almost everything feels giant after attending OCU a small private school that only encompassed about 3 city blocks (*disclaimer* this is my unprofessional guestimation I have no idea how big OCU actually is but I'm pretty sure six of them could fit into the Rice or UH campus).

After finding my way to the music building I met up with a voice professor and had a lovely little meeting. Some fabulous lunch leftovers and a brownie from Panera. I went back to Rice to meet with the music school graduate advisor and watch some studio classes. End assessment: Rice has a lot of attributes that I value and it will be in my application rotation.

Driving out of Houston at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon is difficult. I gave myself two hours to drive the half hour trip to the airport and it ended up taking about an hour and fifteen.

*AIRPORT DRAMA* of course, let's just say there was some de- and re-planing and we were delayed an hour. But right now I'm back in my bed. I couldn't be happier!

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