Friday, April 9, 2010

My favorite wedding venue (so far)

My mom and I have visited four potential wedding venues over the past two days. My favorite so far is Crowne Plaza Northstar in Minneapolis, MN.

This is why. You get an amazing suite for free on the night of your wedding. They give you a good price on the block of rooms reserved for your guests. They have an outdoor rooftop terrace to have your wedding ceremony. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. It's a prime location for out-of-towners to mill about the city on foot. Also, out-of town guests can easily manage the entire weekend car-less, which will be nice considering almost everyone will be coming from some non-Minnesota location.

I took some pictures while were there and there are some from other people's weddings (you'll be able to tell which is which):

This is the patio we saw today; they're resurfacing the floor or something like that.

This is what it looks like in August set up for a wedding:
Neat, huh?

Here are a couple photos I snapped of one of the suites. It's pretty sweet:
That room opens to another king-sized room, if you wanted to invite the whole family to stay with you ;)

This is the foyer outside the ballroom that serves as the back-up space for the "social hour" in case of inclement weather.

The ballroom today was set up for a meeting or something.

But it might look like this for a wedding, to get an idea:
Basically, it's all happening. I guess I just can't believe that people plan weddings in three months. I feel stressed and it's like a year and a half away. I'm glad I only plan on doing this one time.

The other hotels we went to were all great and a few are still in the running, this one is just the current favorite!


  1. That roof space is really awesome. Good find!

  2. Gorgeous! Though Steven said he'd be worried about extra city noise (fire truck/police sirens etc.) happening during the ceremony. Dunno if that's a big prob in that part of the city.